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NCAA Bylaw permits a charitable or educational group to use a student-athlete's name, picture or appearance to support a charitable event, provided all of the following conditions are met:

a. The student-athlete receives prior written approval from the athletic director or designee;

b. The student-athlete does not miss class;

c. All money derived from the activity go directly to the member institution or charitable/educational agency;

d. The student-athlete's name or picture is not used to promote the commercial ventures of any non-profit or for-profit agency;

e. The name or picture of a student-athlete may not appear on any printed promotional items that include a reproduction of a product with which a commercial entity is associated if the entity's officially registered trademark or logo also appears on the item;

f. The specific activity or project does not involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than through the reproduction of the sponsoring company's officially registered regular trademark or logo on printed materials such as pictures, posters or calendars;

g. The student-athlete may accept legitimate and normal expenses from the member institution, conference, or the charitable, educational or nonprofit agency related to participation in such activity, provided it occurs within the state or, if outside the state, within a 100-mile radius of campus;

h. The student-athlete and an authorized representative of the charitable or educational agency sign a release statement that ensures that the student-athlete's name, image or appearance is used in a manner consistent with the requirements of this section.

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What is the age range of the individuals who will benefit from the fundraiser/donated items?
1 year old-6th grade
7th-8th grade males
9th-12th grade males or females
Non-student, age 18+
If you checked "7th - 8th grade males" because your organization involves kids grades kindergarten through 8th grade, do you agree that the funds raised by this donation will only be used for 6th graders and below?
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*Please note that ticket requests may take 5-10 business days for approval and processing. Creighton Athletics reserves the right to select the sport/event to which vouchers will be granted.
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