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Michael Holdsworth
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Sherrard, Ill.
High School: Sherrard

Name: Michael Holdsworth

Year at Creighton: Sophomore (redshirt)

Field of Study: Journalism and Economics

High School/Previous School Attended: Sherrard High School, Sherrard, IL

Cross Country Personal Records: 29:41

Track and Field Personal Records: 4:24(1500m) 8:44(3000m)

Favorite Place in the World to Run: Ithaca, NY

Interesting Fact: I was All-State in high school for Scholastic Bowland and valedictorian of my class.

Why you run: I feel an unparalleled sense of freedom and joy when I run. It’s the perfect stress-reliever, perfect challenge and it rewards hard work and determination. I not only want to make myself better, but push those around me to better themselves.


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