May 3, 2011

Hey everybody....
You’re in for a treat today! I’m swamped with stuff this week, so MVC Freshman of the Year Carli Tritz put together a blog entry she wants to share with our Tuesday crew. I hate to admit and it’s hard to even believe, BUT our players are in the midst of finals week and will be finished with the academic year in just a few days. They’re all planning on stopping through our offices this week to discuss summer workouts and then after that – they’re done and headed home!
It’s a sad time around these parts imagining a collection of weeks without seeing our girls...
I don’t even want to think or write about it. :(
Oh, by the way – just a head’s up – last week will be the last Tuesday I’ll write this season. I would love to keep writing, but truth is – I don’t have much to write about when our players aren’t around. My life really isn’t that interesting…
Anyways, enjoy Carli’s thoughts…
Well, the final week of the 2010-11 school year is here! Man, I have to admit, it is very bittersweet for many different reasons. I felt like last week was Welcome Week and we were just moving in, and then all of a sudden it’s May and we’re talking about summer workouts. It truly is crazy how fast these years go. I feel like the six in my class will always be considered the little “freshies,” so it is going to be hard to realize that next year we are going to be mature sophomores and there will be a brand new set of pups!
As I said before there are several reasons why the end of this year and finals week is bittersweet…
-Not seeing your teammates almost EVERY DAY for nine months—bitter.
-No school for three months—sweet.
-Knowing the senior girls are officially done—bitter.
-Knowing there are new teammates coming in soon—sweet.
-Saying goodbyes to teammates/friends—always bitter.
-Reuniting in the summer at pick-up games, working camps, College World Series, etc—ALWAYS SWEET!
Being just a freshman this year and already meeting some of the best people I’ve ever met and making life long friends, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we are truly blessed. I could reminisce for hours on why I am so fortunate to have the teammates I do. But that’s the thing, they are more than teammates. Seriously. More like sisters. If there is one thing that Flan knows he will get out of every single team he coaches here at Creighton, it is chemistry. At times, we’re probably even too close! We all just click right away and it is so natural for us to build that trust and friendship on and off the court. This is the main reason why the end of this school year is so weird to think about...
When you see the same people and do the same things every day for nine months, it is difficult to think about not living that way for three months all of a sudden...
Little everyday occurrences I will miss:
-Sarah’s sarcastic comments
-Being in three of my five classes with Riley
-Watching Glee/The Bachelor/Pretty Little Liars/One Tree Hill/or any other one of Woody’s 18 series she watches
-Kampy coming in the locker room in a hurry from Chemistry Lab
-Brandeis dinners after practice…well, maybe I won’t miss the B-deis as much :)
-More of Sarah’s comments
There is just something about each one of my teammates that I love. They are a great break from the stress of practice and school. Knowing that you’re playing with people who care about you and have your back is a great feeling. But we all know it is never goodbye when it comes to summer and finals week, it is always see ya later!
I am going to close with a phrase my high school coach said to me once…
“What is the greatest thing about a freshman? They become a sophomore.”
-Coach Moody

See ya later freshman year!
Carli Tritz 
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