April 12, 2011

Hey Bluejays!


I have to admit - it’s pretty crazy how quickly Tuesdays sneak up on me every week. I’m probably the only person in the world that thinks like that, but I swear it feels like it’s Tuesday every day. 


With that being said, it’s currently five o’clock in the early evening of a gorgeous spring day and I’m sitting at my desk trying to fight the urge of wanting to be outside to sit down and write today’s blog…




The Creighton University Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet was last night and our team was one of fourteen sports in attendance for the program. Our very own former women’s basketball player, Kris Kugel Huss, was inducted in this year’s Hall of Fame class of 2011.


For those that don’t know, Kugel Huss played for the Creighton women’s basketball team from 1990-1994 and was a key figure in the best four-year stretch in the team’s history. During those four years, the Jays won more than 20 games each season and twice won Western Athletic Conference titles. Huss was the seventh player in school history to reach 1,000 career points, ending her career ranked sixth in school history with 1,343 points.


Long story short, Kugel Huss was a stud in her playing days and shot the ball incredibly well throughout her career. It was great moment for Kris, her family (that was all in attendance last night) and our women’s basketball program.


Our current players (seniors included) cleaned up very nicely for the event and I’m sure appreciated the moment as well for a variety of reasons. My favorite part about last night was getting the chance to see the seniors (Kelsey, Sam and Kellie).


There is a totally different dynamic with our team when these three young ladies are around and I honestly do miss it very much. It’s hard to really write about what that dynamic really is, but it just is and we all know it.


Although I am super excited to establish a new identity with next years team this spring and in the upcoming fall, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I miss Sam’s obnoxious laugh and genuine character, Woody’s smile and pleasant greeting everyday and Kellie’s hilarious personality.


So, like I said, I loved last night because I got a chance to see those three again for a bit – looking rather gorgeous I must say!




So what do you do now that the season is over?


I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’m asked that question by people when they find out I am a college basketball coach. Everyone really thinks that our job is super seasonal and often try to compare it to teaching – assuming we get three to four months off in the summer.




This job never stops…


We have a week and a half left of post-season workouts (weights, individuals, and agilities) with our team, we just started phone calls to our 2012 recruiting class last week, we’re doing end of the year evaluations within our staff, I leave to go to Virginia on Thursday to recruit for the weekend, summer camp preparation and promotion happens everyday of the week, and the list goes on…


Our players are thick in their spring semester with just a couple weeks remaining before finals week and if there is any stress about classes on their end, I sure can’t tell. 


Oh, did I tell you I decided to take part in all of the strength and conditioning workouts with our team?


I sure did - I’m headed to Miami in less than a month! :)


But, more importantly, I just think it’s neat as a young coach (while I’m in some kind of shape) to go through their workouts and experience what they do to make myself a little more relatable (if I’m not super relatable already), provide another positive voice in their workout setting and help motivate them any way that I can.


If I can do it, they definitely can…




Here’s some quick notes about our returning nine players:


I remember DaNae Moore admitting to me before our first post-season workout a couple weeks ago how weird it was for her to actually be the oldest player in the group finally. I believe it’s extra tough for her because she is the only senior and she’s played under some great talents the past couple years – and now it’s her team.


With that being said, it’s awesome to see how our players respond to finding leaders within this particular group. I hear Ally Jensen’s voice a lot more as of late, our rookies are actually being vocal for once, and even Jasmin Corbin is a lot more noticeable on and off the basketball court – and to me, that is a great thing.


It’s so amazing as a coach to see young athletes develop and mature from year to year and that process for our nine returning players is on display everyday in our workouts. I’m anxious to see what the next week and a half will bring and I look forward to finding that new identity I wrote about earlier…


Stay tuned!





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