April 5, 2011

Tuesdays with....Schuett?!

Well, I know you were expecting to hear from Coach Moore, as she has never missed a week, but unfortunately she is doing her thing down at the Final Four and her schedule is void of any free-time to write her highly-anticipated, weekly blog.  So this is how I, recently retired Sam Schuett, got hoaxed into writing an entry. I won't be able to duplicate Coach in her knack for writing, but I will do my best to create a respectable entry.

Now that I am a couple weeks into retirement, I can say that it has been a little weird. As you know, the returners started post-season workouts last week...without us 3 seniors. That has been the biggest adjustment: not being there in the locker room before the workout trying to guess what the coaches have in store for us, during the grueling workouts with my teammates, and finally talking in the locker room after about how hard it was and anticipating how bad our bodies will hurt the following day. Instead, Woody, Kellie, and I just get to listen as the young ones try to fill us in on how things went. I can tell you, it's not the same as actually going through it.

Our last 4 (or 5) years have been consumed with basketball, workouts, and teammates and now  it is consumed with finishing school, getting our future plans set, yoga (or some less strenuous workout of the sort, on a good day), and lots of free time. I am not complaining about the free time and about the lack of being sore/achy, but when you spent so many years focused on one thing it becomes weird when that thing is no longer there. Basketball was our thing, and now we are forced to move onto other areas of our life.

The season ended very disappointingly for all of us, especially the seniors. We never expected nor thought we would falter so many times in the end. It is hard not to dwell on that when looking back. But behind all of that frustration, are people who I truly care for and a program I truly love. Creighton has given me everything I could have ever hoped for in a University and the relationships and memories that I took away from my 5 years are things I will cherish for the rest of my life. Creighton is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will not let a frustrating closing on my final season taint those things that matter most in life. I am sorry for how it ended, but I will forever be thankful for being a part of a journey that has been so rewarding.

I know the girls are working hard in postseason and will continue to do so throughout the whole offseason. The team is made of a group of very determined and very talented girls who will only continue to grow. They are a fun bunch to be around and that is something I will miss. But I am eager and excited to see how next season will unfold and the success that they WILL achieve.  Keep working hard ladies :)

Sorry if this did not meet the length requirement, I am still amateur status when it comes to blog writing. I speak on behalf of the three seniors when I say thank you for all the support you have showered on us over the years, we will never be able to pay back all those who have been there through it all. Thank you for the ride.

See you in the stands next year! :)

Sam Schuett

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