March 22, 2011

Morning Bluejays!


I have to admit, I thought long and hard about whether or not today was going to be your last Tuesday with Moore. However, a short text I received from freshman Carli Tritz last night got me thinking that maybe blogging during the post-season might not be such a bad idea.


She simply asked me if I planned on writing anymore now that the season was over. I quickly responded to her with this question:


“Do you still read the blog Carli?”


She wrote back saying, “yes, I do and a couple of my friends from back home do too.”


I guess after hearing that, I was a bit reassured that people will actually continue to read what I have to say despite our playing season being over. My plan is to keep everyone in the loop throughout our upcoming spring workouts. I figured everyone would want to know what’s going on with the team for the next month and a half.


I’m thrilled to have come to the realization that this blog will still be of some worth!




Today’s entry will be short and sweet, as I have lots of miscellaneous stuff to take care of before leaving the office a little bit early today…


Besides, as I’m sure you can imagine, there isn’t much going on around these parts at the moment.


We returned to Omaha bright and early Friday morning and our entire coaching staff ended up in Flan’s office discussing a season that had ended so poorly the night before. 


Obviously, that was not the way any one of us wanted this season to end for a variety of reasons. So, as helpless as we all felt together in that room, we bounced around thoughts on our non-conference schedule, our Missouri Valley Conference opponents, the conference tournament game, our personnel, recruiting, offensive and defensive strategies, coaching styles, post-season and summer workouts, and the list goes on…



The week right after the season is over is a weird transitioning phase from one team to another.  It’s sad thinking about what was and the three seniors we have to let go, but it’s also pretty exciting to start thinking about the future and the possibilities for the upcoming season.


Post-season is an exciting time for a coach because it’s another opportunity to teach and help your players improve. We have a short window of time we can work with the group, but the more stuff we can stress to them now, the better they will be in the summer when they’re in the gym working on their own.


And besides, any time with our players on the court is better than sitting in this office chair for eight straight hours. I am constantly reminded in the off-season why I never wanted to work in Corporate America.


Why? Because I can’t stand sitting at a desk!


So, I’m sure it is no surprise to you when I say that I can’t hardly wait until we’re back out on the court again…



One last thing I wanted to touch on was the fact that in the midst of the coach’s meeting we were having Friday afternoon, Megan Neuvirth came knocking on Flan’s door.  She had stopped through the Ryan Center for a bit and came up to say hello to us all. Little did she know that her visit was right on time…


She had the most pleasant smile on her face when she walked into the room, but most importantly, she looked sincerely happy. It was a great thing to witness considering that emotion was one that the four of us coaches struggled to tap into that afternoon.


We were witnessing a product of our basketball program and in that moment, we all appreciated the kind of player Megan was on the basketball court, but we were even more thrilled with who she was off the court. She is such a wonderful young lady and really epitomizes the Creighton women’s basketball student-athlete.


So, thank you Megan for making me (and our staff) realize it’s not all about the wins and losses in a season. Despite the frustration of a season gone wrong in the last month, the really great thing about the entire year is that I was able to finally coach and build relationships with a team of incredible young women that I enjoy being around everyday.


And because of that, I am truly blessed and tremendously grateful…


I love my Bluejays and I miss you guys. See you soon!



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