March 1, 2011

Hey everyone!

If you haven't noticed, February Frenzy has taken its toll on the Bluejays...

I touched on it briefly last week, but our entire team has had, is in the middle of, or just starting to get sick. I've seen a wide range of symptoms, but for the most part cough and congestion has ran its course through just about every player on our roster. 

Coach Huber has even been fighting a serious cold this past week and Coach Vickers struggled to make it through our pre-game talk on Saturday afternoon at Missouri State before vomiting in the bathroom stall fifteen minutes before tip-off.

Crazy, right?

I just hope I'm not next...

On top of the sickness, I'm sure you're all aware that we lost two tough road games Friday and Sunday this past weekend. Each game was frustrating in its own way because I felt like we put ourselves in a position to win both, but we just couldn't make the plays down the stretch that we needed to in either contest to win.

I could write for days on my thoughts following that road trip, but I digress... 

Looking ahead, the match-up this weekend at Drake becomes all the more interesting considering a win clinches a No. 2 seed in the conference tournament and a loss could drop us as low as the No. 4 seed. The higher the seed we are, the better - which means Saturday's game in Des Moines (on their Senior Day) is a must win for the Jays.

With only one game this week we took another day off from practice today and had the players come in for weights, shooting, and individual meetings with Flan. We felt as a coaching staff that being on the same page with the head coach this late in the season is crucial to have the type of success we want to have in the next couple weeks.

I've enjoyed today simply because our players have been in and out of the office all morning and afternoon. Our hallway seems to be the pit-stop for those that are waiting to go into Flan's office or those that are on their way out.  It's a rare occasion that we see all twelve of them walking our halls at some point in an eight-hour span, but I have enjoyed every second of it today.

One of the greatest perks about my job is the relationships that I'm able to build with our student-athletes not only on the court, but off it as well. Anytime I can talk with our players outside of the typical basketball setting is a real treat. They are one funny bunch and when one or two of them come in and plop down in my chairs to chat, I know I'm in for some quality entertainment. 


I'm hoping the frenzy of February has come and gone with the month itself and the madness of March will be a little more kind to the Jays. This team has a lot of basketball left to play and with the right kind of luck coming our way, these next couple weeks could be very exciting.


My great life wisdom coach (John Wooden) once said the quote below:

"The person who is afraid to risk failure seldom has to face success. I expected my players to make mistakes, as long as they were mistakes of commission. A mistake of commission happens when you are doing what should be done but don't get the results you want."

His words pretty much sum up the weekend we just had. This team made great attempts at winning both games on the road, but unfortunately, fell just short of two wins. Many mistakes of commission were made Friday and Sunday respectively, but from a coaching standpoint, you can live with the fact that your players lost in the act of doing everything they could to win.

I just hope that same effort leads us to victory this weekend...

Let's get it Jays!


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