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Postgame quotes After George Washington

FLASH QUOTES - DIRECT TV WOODEN LEGACY GAME 11 - George Washington 60, Creighton 53
George Washington Head Coach Mike Lonergan: “Very pleased with that win.  We had a rough first half against Marquette the other day so it was nice to have a day off in between to regroup.  This was a great game for us and a very good win.  Creighton made a heck of a run, went down three and didn’t look good didn’t, but give our guys the credit. I thought Isiah [Armwood] took the challenge of guarding [Doug] McDermott and did a great job.  Mixed up our defense a little bit, kind of kept them off balance.  Very happy to escape with the win.
Win over ranked team - “Great program with a rich tradition, there have been a lot of excellent coaches and terrific players here.  We’ve worked very hard the last two and a half years, it hasn’t been easy and these guys have done a great job.  Beating Miami was nice and leaving here playing two ranked teams Marquette and Creighton, you don’t just want to play them you want to win.  I didn’t tell many friends that we were on ESPN today because I told them the other day and it was pretty ugly against Marquette but Kevin Larson had a rough first half and I give him credit because we got on him and he responded.  It was definitely a great team win for us.  We made our free throws down the stretch and it made for a great trip.  It was a fun trip to begin with and we had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner at an alum’s house.  His wife took care of us, we went to Disneyland, but it was a business trip too and we are very happy to come away with a win.
Creighton Shooting - “Truthfully I think we gambled by not doubling, Joe [McDonald] doubled a little bit so Isiah [Armwood] had to stay out of foul trouble and he got winded and we had to rest him in spurts.”
On program - “I thought it was heading in the right direction last year.  We started four freshman, the only team in the country to do that.  For the whole league, conference and season e lost seven games, seven games down the wire and I knew those experiences would pay off for us this year.  Scoring, we didn’t have a lot of that this year.  Good rebounding team, good defensive team.  We have more talent this year and more experience and better leadership.  So, I think we’re definitely headed in the right direction.  We’re in a great conference and we have a long way to go.  We’re excited, and we’re excited about having a home game against Rutgers Wednesday night.  We’ve just got to keep getting better and stay healthy, we’re playing a great schedule and that’s what I like.  I told these guys you’ll remember these wins and these games a lot more than a soft schedule.”
Last 17 Minutes - “I thought Creighton’s defense was better but truthfully we got some good looks.  We hit a couple threes early, Joe had some nice pull-ups and I think part of that is that we’re playing good defense and they’re getting tired, maybe they got tired.  Our shots started dropping maybe I didn’t go inside enough, my wife was screaming at me behind the bench to go inside to Kevin, so when he gets the ball good things happen.  Having fouls to give late and having timeouts available really helped us down the stretch.”
George Washington senior forward Isaiah Armwood
On defense - “We just try to make everything tough for them, it wasn’t just me it was a complete team effort.  We switched from man to 1-3-1 a little bit.  It made everything tough for them, he wasn’t that good off the dribble.”
Creighton Shooting - “Our coaching staff did a great job scouting them so we knew that a lot of their players shot well from the three-point and their three-point percentage is very high so we had to get up in them and make it a tight game and you see late in the second half [Ethan] Wragge had a couple but you can’t just shut down a team, knew that was going to happen eventually but I think as a team effort we did a great job.”
On the last minute - “I think it was Kevin [Larsen] who put us up by one, Kevin had it going in the second half, and you really couldn’t stop him in the second half.  He did a good job finding the open man and scoring the ball.”
George Washington sophomore guard Joe McDonald
Creighton Shooting - “We came out with a lot of energy, which is something that I don’t think we didn’t do against Marquette.  I think we started off well, and that carried over the whole game.”
The last minute - “Our seniors do a great job leading the team same with the coaches.  They settled us down a little bit and we trusted each other. It was a great team effort.”
Creighton Coach Greg McDermott - "George Washington had a good plan.  They executed that plan.  I was not pleased with our ability to fight some things in the first half.  We were late on some rotations and in the wrong spot which allowed them to get going with a couple of three's and a dunk and a basket.  Obviously we didn't have time to prepare and neither did they.  So we got to carry those things over that we've practiced on numerous occasions to the game floor.  At the end of the day that responsibility falls on me to make sure the team is ready to play and today we weren't.  I liked our fight in the second half.  I thought we played like a team with an edge in the second half that had to fight through a day on the basketball floor that usually comes easy to us.  We haven't played that many games where Doug scores seven points and we got to find a way to win.  He just a bad day.  I thought we fought tooth and nails on the board.  We defended and got ourselves back in a situation where we got the lead and just quite couldn't finish it off."
On their next game at Long Beach State - "There's no question that we're a tired basketball team right now.  We got to figure out a way to get some juice in our tanks right now for Tuesday night.  I'm pretty sure Long Beach isn't feeling sorry for us.  They'll be ready to play and see this is as an opportunity.  They'll have some fire under their shoes as well."
Creighton senior guard Grant Gibbs
On the defensive effort of his team to comeback in the game - "It was kind of reminiscent of the San Diego State game a little big in that regard.  We had the effort and the attention to detail to start the second half is what we have to have to start an entire game.  That's on me, not having us ready to go, not executing the game plan from the get go.  We don't the ability to turn it on and off.  We're not that talented of a team to be able to do that.  We got to take noticed of that and be prepared to dial in for 40 minutes every game on that end of the floor."
On their long road trip and Tuesday's game at Long Beach State - "We have an opportunity to play a good Long Beach State team on Tuesday.  So the opportunity is there to turn this thing around at end with two wins.  We've got to turn our attention on them.  Continue to watch film, look at our mistakes and understand the mentality to go in there and win."
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