NCAA College Cup Semifinal Quotes

NCAA College Cup

Hoover, Ala.

December 9, 2011

Creighton Semifinal Postgame Quotes



Elmar Bolowich, Head Coach

Opening statements…
“First off, congratulations to Charlotte for an outstanding game. We expected that this would be a tight game. At this stage, you’re only meeting good teams. There’s a reason why Charlotte made it to the College Cup, and there’s a reason why they’re now advancing to the final as well. I’m very pleased with the way we played, especially in the first half, where I felt like we had a great rhythm going. Second half, we lost it a little bit and tried to regain it. Overall, it was a real hard-fought match, as you’d expect it to be at this stage. I’m very proud of our players, especially our senior class for what they’ve accomplished all season long. ”

On Charlotte’s game…
“I thought they did a very good job defensively. I thought both goalkeepers had an excellent game. There was nothing that we didn’t expect. There was nothing that was new to us or that we necessarily needed to change. We had some opportunities. The crossbar got in the way a couple of times. That’s just part of the game. When it happens, it happens. You just find a way, and hopefully you get another opportunity.”

On Creighton’s defensive strategy…
“We kept them off the board, but we just missed to score that goal or two to win the game. It was not necessarily that our goal was to have a shutout. You just try to play a good game, an entertaining game, a game that gives you a chance to advance, put your stamp on, dominate. I think we did a good job for most of the game. At this point, obviously, it’s hard to do for 90 minutes. It’s difficult to accomplish. That’s all I can say. We just fell a little bit short on the other end of the field.”

On the entire season…
“I am happy when I look at the season as a whole because we have done a tremendous job. We have a great administration, we have great players, we have a great program, we have a great school, we have a wonderful facility, and we did a good job managing our season and being successful in it. When you’re at this stage, you obviously want more. You’re that close, and that is the ultimate goal. When you come here, you want to win it all. It’s two more games and it’s yours. I think we were ready for it. We weren’t hiding. We played our hearts out. The guys did what they could, and their shots were just not falling tonight. Soccer is like that.”


Ethan Finlay, Sr., Forward

On ending the season with penalty kicks…

“It’s really tough. We worked so hard defensively. That’s soccer. We knew coming into it, there was a chance for PKs. You know, I think I looked at some of the guys up front, and we said, ‘What more could we have done to prevent those PKs,’ but hindsight is always 20-20. I’m really proud of our guys, I’m proud of our seniors, I’m proud of our back line. We showed a lot of character tonight. We played for 110 minutes, and we played our heart out.”

On whether Charlotte could have won without PKs…

“Anything can happen in soccer. I think that we never wanted to let it get to PKs. I don’t think any team really does because it does make it more of a level playing field. I think we felt like we had a majority of the game throughout – not saying that they didn’t have good chances. We thought we played well. We created some good opportunities for ourselves. A little stagnant at times – you could see that. It’s frustrating, but Charlotte is a good team. They defended really well today and took advantage of the opportunities up top.”

On making it to the College Cup…

“It’s definitely a great accomplishment. It wasn’t the overall goal. So right now, I feel like we fell a little short, but I think reflecting on what Creighton has given to me in education and a great opportunity in soccer, I can’t thank them enough. I’m very lucky to have played a Division I sport at a school like Creighton that is so dedicated to soccer. I think you’ll see that in the future because I have a belief that Creighton will be back in the College Cup sooner than later.”

Brian Holt, Sr., Goalkeeper

On his time at Creighton…

“It’s pretty hard to look back at it already. I really enjoyed my time at Creighton with a community of support, with the players I’ve had the opportunity to play with, just like Ethan (Finlay). It’s a bunch of hard-working guys that are dedicated to each one of the players and to the program and making it better. I’ve had the privilege and the opportunity to play at Creighton, and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

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