Frank J. Iwersen Weight Room Emergency Procedures

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Non-Life Threatening Situations
STEP 1 - Contact the Athletic Training Department (280-1793)
If there is no answer, contact Public Safety (280-2104)
STEP 2 - Provide all requested information
STEP 3 - Follow all given instructions

Life Threatening Situations
STEP 1 - Send someone to contact Public Safety at 280-2911 (emergency line)
STEP 2 - Send someone to contact the Athletic Training Department (280-1793)
STEP 3 - Do not attempt to move victim unless absolutely necessary
STEP 4 - If victim is not breathing, administer CPR if you are trained
STEP 5 - Stay with victim and administer any necessary first aid until help arrives

STEP 1 - If smoke or flame is detected, activate fire alarm
STEP 2 - Evacuate building through emergency fire doors on east side of facility
STEP 3 - Contact Public Safety at 280-2911 (emergency line)

Under "WATCH" Conditions
STEP 1 - Understand that conditions are such that a tornado COULD develop
STEP 2 - Turn off tape/CD and change to the radio to monitor weather
Under "WARNING" Conditions
STEP 1 - Understand that a tornado has been sighted or detected by radar; the local Civil Defense Sirens will sound
STEP 2 - Seek shelter in batting cage area, locker rooms, or corridor as directed by a Public Safety office or an Athletic Department staff member
STEP 3 - Remain in shelter until an "all-clear" has been issued

Crime in Progress
STEP 1 - If you observe a suspicious person, activity, or a crime in progress, contact Public Safety at 280-2911 (emergency line)
STEP 2 - If possible, give a complete description of the person(s) or activity
STEP 3 - Do NOT attempt to foil the suspicious activity or crime

Important Telephone Numbers
Public Safety (Emergency Line) 280-2911
Public Safety 280-2104
Athletic Training Department 280-1793 or 280-5554
Athletic Department 280-2720
Exercise Science Department 280-2088
Creighton Student Health Center 280-2735

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