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Creighton-New Mexico Press Conference Quotes

Postgame Quotes – Creighton vs. New Mexico – Game 5 (June 3, 2012)


Creighton Head Coach Ed Servais

“Well, we got off to good start. That’s what you need to do in these kind games. We kind of coasted a little bit in second half of the game but it was a very good start. Erik gave us a chance to be competitive tonight by pitching six solid innings. So we’re looking forward to having another opportunity to play UCLA.”

(on Mike Gerber’s status for tonight’s game): “He's going to try to swing it in about a half hour, 40 minutes. We’re going to go out to the cage and swing for about 10 minutes. I think it’s highly unlikely that he’ll have an opportunity to play but we’re going to give it a chance anyways. If he does play, it would be in a DH role but again, it’s not likely.”

(on what needs to be different for Creighton to win tonight): “We’ve got to get off to a better start. We’ve got to get into a little bit more of a situational baseball game, which means we need to get leadoff hitters on so we can do what we like to do. A little bunt, a little hit and run, steal big now and then but we didn't have those opportunities last Friday. That being said we know that they're (UCLA) going to be more offensive tonight too so we have got to find a way to hold them down. We're not exactly at full strength on the mound.”

(on whether Ty Blach would pitch tonight): “He would not pitch tonight. If we’re fortunate to get by tonight, he would be available tomorrow.”

Creighton Pitcher Erik Mattingly

(on New Mexico’s hitters): “They had some really good hitters. I was fortunate enough that they hit the ball right at my fielders today. That number 5 kid, Woodchick, he hit the ball hard four or five times and it was just right at somebody.”

(on pitching with an early lead): “That was huge. I kind of had a shaky 1st inning and couldn't get many of my pitches working. Then Anthony hit the 3-run home run and it relaxes you as a pitcher. It’s easier to go back out there and throw strikes.”

(on being picked up by the offense after giving up some early runs): “That's always big when you give up a run and the offense comes back with two more. Then you give up another run and again your offense bounces back. It gives you a lot of confidence as a pitcher to just throw your stuff and throw strikes.”

(on mood of dugout after Anthony Bemboom’s HR): “Everybody got excited obviously. It’s not every day our team hits home run so when he did that, especially for 3 runs in the bottom of 1st inning, it gives the whole team a lift and everybody gains a little confidence.”

(on recovering after a shaky 1st inning): “I just had to find some rhythm in my delivery and throwing all my pitches. I was able to do that by the 2nd and 3rd inning and I felt pretty good throwing my pitches.”


New Mexico Head Coach Ray Birmingham

"I have to tip my hat to Creighton. Great job by Creighton. They pitched extremely well. Extremely well and made the pitches when they needed to make them. I think the world of Ed Servais; he's done a great job with Creighton. He's one of the good guys in baseball to me. I lose a group of seniors this year that have been the three reasons I've won two conference tournaments and a conference championship. And they've made a big impact. The program is growing fast and getting after it. So it's kind of a hard day for me."


(on promising in Saturday's press conference that they'd win today) "I broke my promise, and I apologize. But I promise you things are going to get better. They're going to move forward as I made that promise five years ago."


(on the team's mood) "It was an important day. We knew how important it was. It's been said - I think guys tried too hard. I think they tried to hit the 3-run homer when it wasn't there. I know Josh Walker was really excited today, and he was trying to make some pitches, and he didn't make them. Three -run homer set the tempo right away. We kept battling back and battling back, then we hit a line drive right at somebody. Eventually you know the baseball gods are leaning one way."


(on pitching difference from last week): "Gera Sanchez has been going on fumes for the last couple of weeks and pitching his way through. He found a way to do it. He's just tired. He's a tired kid and needs some rest. He had to be the go-to guy, and last night I thought he did as admirable a job as a kid could do with a needle touching empty. And Josh Walker today was in the biggest game of his high school career. He tried to throw it by a couple guys and you don't throw it by guys here with 88 or 90. This is his first Division I year, and I think he had a real eye-opener. But he'll be back and he'll do real well."


"Creighton's not a bad ball club. Creighton always plays well late anyway. Ed does a great job with them. Especially the pitching. That's the one thing you can always count on - fundamental baseball and great pitching from Creighton."


(on Creighton answering every time New Mexico scored) "Every time we climbed back on top of the mountain, they kicked us back down. That affects you emotionally, especially after an emotional year and a grind and a fight and 61 games. I always tell the kids that the guy who gets to the top is the team that can pitch and the team that's the hungriest. Your hunger's gonna get challenged a lot."


New Mexico LF Ben Woodchick

(on if it has set in how amazing the team's run has been) "Not really. Not yet. But it will. We've accomplished a lot over the last four years, for me, especially the last three. It means a lot to have been able to move this program forward like that. It's a positive step. Guys like Ryan (Padilla) and the underclassmen can continue to move this program along because it's on the right track."


(on Erik Mattingly's performance) "He definitely threw well today. We hit a lot of balls hard, a lot of balls at people. It's just kind of been the thing for us the last two games, maybe trying to do a little too much. We were hot coming in, and guys were just trying to do a little too much with each at-bat, but you've got to tip your hat to him. He obviously threw real well."


New Mexico RF Ryan Padilla

(on Erik Mattingly) "He was around the zone, he was hitting his spots. We hit some balls hard, but things just didn't go our way today."

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