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The Bluejays closed the Sprints with 212 team points, winning eight of the 11 races they competed in.
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Rowing Wins 2014 Upper Midwest Collegiate Sprints

OMAHA, Neb. - The Creighton Rowing team posted a convincing win, doubling up second place Drake, at the 2014 Upper Midwest Collegiate Sprints on Sunday, April 6.

The Bluejays closed the Sprints with 212 team points, winning eight of the 11 races they competed in.

Creighton returns to action on Saturday, April 19 as the Bluejays battle Tulsa in a dual meet in Oklahoma.

Final Team Scores
Creighton     212
Drake            101
St. Thomas     43
Nebraska        12
Kansas State   8
Iowa State       6

Kansas           91
St. Thomas     90
Kansas State  71
Saint Louis     12
Iowa State      6
Nebraska        6

Individual Events - Women Only
Novice 8+
Creighton: 7:21.91 (Kendall Schrader, Joslyn Hoburg, Julie Bricker, Sydney Olson, Isabelle Buhr, Clara Healy, Sarah Meltz, Jordan Albrecht)
St. Thomas: 7:47.34
Creighton - B: 7:55.09 (Hannah Wysopal, Kendall Schrader, Meghan Connery, Ari Dalamaggas, Alysha Illies, LisaAnne Gregoire, Sarah Stephani, Amelia Thomas, Mollie Babich)

Varisty Two
Creighton: 7:56.87 (Anne Marie Stonikas, Lauren Klick)
St. Thomas: 8:34.45

Varsity 4+ (C)
Drake: 7:32.13
Creighton: 7:45.70 (Jessica Hasslinger, Miranda Lonsdale, Maddie Merkel, Kalyn Flierl, Meg Engler)
Creighton-B: 8:36.72 (Kendall Schrader, Lauren Aase, Kelli Mans, Lauren Brendel, Kennedy Walker)

Varsity 4+ (A)
Drake: 7:21.98
Creighton: 7:28.75 (Hayley Pilcher, Sarah Birnbaum, Nicole Kamada, Kaitie Dougherty, Maddie Merkel)
Kansas State: 7:51.82
Nebraska: 8:00.63
St. Thomas: 8:05.49

Varsity 4+ (B)
Drake: 7:19.91
Creighton: 7:41.10 (Sarah Steffes, MJ, Laura-Jo Washle, Anna Yarkosky, Anna Cheek)
Iowa State: 7:58.61
Creighton-B: 9:27.51

Novice 4+ (B)
Creighton: 8:11.37 (Hannah Wysopal, Sarah Meltz, Sydney Olson, Kendall Schrader, Alysha Illies)
Creighton-B: 8:11.46 (Jessica Hasslinger, Meghan Connery, Julie Bricker, LisaAnne Gregoire, Clara Healy)
St. Thomas: 9:13.16

Novice 4+ (A)
Creighton: 7:52.91 (Abi Schrader, Christina Knipp, Whitney Coriolan, Ari Dalamaggas, Jordan Albrecht)
St. Thomas: 7:53.10
Drake: 8:04.03
Saint Louis: 8:17.16
Kansas State: 8:18.46
Nebraska: 8:53.60

Creighton: 7:36.08 (Jessica Hasslinger, Maddie Merkel, Meg Engler, Mollie Babich)
Creighton-B: 7:52.06 (Sarah Steffes, Lauren Brendel, Sarah Stephani, Isabelle Buhr, Joslyn Hoburg)
Drake: 8:13.10

LWT 4+ (B)
Creighton: 8:11.30 (Hannah Wysopal, Hallie Dusselier, Kennedy Walker, Sam Sharp, Alysha Illies)
Nebraska: 8:54.26

Varsity 8+ (B)
Creighton: 6:37.3 (Sarah Steffes, MJ, Whitney Jenich, Laura-Jo Washle, Whitney Coriolan, Miranda Lonsdale, Anna Cheek, Kalyn Flierl, Anna Yarosky)
Drake: 6:37.6

Varsity 8+ (A)
Creighton: 6:20.32 (Hayley Pilcher, Sarah Birnbaum, Nicole Kamada, Ari Dalamaggas, Anne Marie Stonikas, Kaitie Dougherty, Lauren Klick, Shannon Flannery, Maddie Merkel)

Drake: 6:43.10
St. Thomas: 7:24.47

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