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McKenzie Fujan
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February 28, 2012 - McKenzie Fujan

How about this five game winning streak?!  I don’t know about you, but I am feeling pretty great about the next few weeks. And I know the rest of the team feels the same way I do. At dinner tonight I overheard Carli Tritz talking about how much confidence she has in our team right now and how we really couldn’t have picked a better time to be playing the best basketball of the season. But the best part is, we don’t feel that we have hit our peak yet.

Each week we each become better individually and with all of the individual improvement, our team is finally starting to come together the way that we have been waiting for. There is not a game that we feel like we can’t win.  That is a bold statement but if you were with this team on the bench, in practice or on the court you would understand.

There is a particular energy flowing through our team that isn’t coachable. No one taught us how to believe in each other.  No one coached us to be confident. It came from my teammates.  It came from our consecutive defensive stops and consistent ball movement. It came from our unselfish screening and our ability to sacrifice oneself for the sake of the team. It came from our bench play outscoring other teams by double digits. It has arrived at the most opportune moment and it has kept us hungry to see where this confidence can take us.

Don’t call it “peaking”, because that would mean it’s over and that’s the best there is. Don’t call it coasting, because we are stampeding towards new ambitions and we are hungrier than we’ve ever been. Smashing shooting records just so happen to come along this ride
.  No, we are not invincible…but right now we are doing a pretty good job of masking our weaknesses and exposing our opponents’.

The greatest teams are the ones that are all willing to buy into the same concepts. The ones that are willing to buy into the same dedication. The ones that are strong enough to NOT buy into labels like “Rebuilding Year” or “They’re just so young.” We’re all in…but there is still time for you to buy in, too.

We’ll meet you in Des Moines.

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