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Creighton Staff Directory

Name, Position Phone Email
Athletics   Return To Top
Bruce Rasmussen, Director of Athletics 402-280-2720
Mark Burgers, Associate Athletic Director 402-280-5561
Kevin Sarver, Associate Athletic Director for External Operations 402-280-5810
Adrian Rider, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Ticketing 402-280-5297
Brandy Menaugh, SWA/Asst. AD For Compliance 402-280-3008
Adrian Dowell, Assistant Athletic Director for Development 402-280-3498
Neil Norton, NCAA Faculty Representative 402-280-5002
Margaret Bennett, Administrative Secretary 402-280-2720
Barb Epps, Administrative Assistant 402-280-5577
Baseball   Return To Top
Ed Servais, Head Coach 402-280-2483
Rich Wallace, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 402-280-5545
Brian Furlong, Assistant Coach 402-280-2628
Vicente Cafaro, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Eric Wordekemper, Undergraduate Assistant Coach
(M) Basketball   Return To Top
Greg McDermott, Head Coach 402-280-1795
Darian DeVries, Assistant Coach 402-280-1795
Steve Lutz, Assistant Coach 402-280-1795
Patrick Sellers, Assistant Coach 402-280-1795
Steve Merfeld, Assistant to the Head Coach 402-280-1795
Jeff Vanderloo, Director of Basketball Operations 402-280-1795
Blair Broadhurst, Video Coordinator 402-280-1795
Len Gordy, Diversity & Inclusion Officer 402-280-5784
Tyler Glidden, Administrative Assistant 402-280-1795
Patty Galas, Secretary 402-280-1795
(W) Basketball   Return To Top
Jim Flanery, Head Coach 402-280-2720
Carrie Moore, Assistant Coach (Recruiting Coordinator) 402-280-2861
Matt Fritsche, Assistant Coach 402-280-2720
Chevelle Herring, Assistant Coach 402-280-2720
Jenny Vickers, Director of Operations 402-280-5782
Carli Tritz, Graduate Manager
(M) Cross Country   Return To Top
Matt Rogers, Head Coach 407-760-3861
(W) Cross Country   Return To Top
Matt Rogers, Head Coach 407-760-3861
(M) Golf   Return To Top
Chris Wiemers, Head Coach 402-280-5813
(W) Golf   Return To Top
Debbie Conry, Head Coach 402-280-1722
(W) Rowing   Return To Top
Daniel Chipps, Head Coach 402-280-1817
Joy Dobrauc, Assistant Coach 402-280-1817
Justin Richardson, Assistant Coach
Ray Griggs, Rigger
(M) Soccer   Return To Top
Elmar Bolowich, Head Coach 402-280-2720
Johnny Torres, Assistant Coach 402-280-3294
Justin Hughes, Assistant Coach 402-280-2720
TJ Burns, Graduate Assistant 402-280-2720
(W) Soccer   Return To Top
Bruce Erickson, Head Coach 402-280-5553
Chris Dunford, Assistant Coach
Cortney Wiesler, Assistant Coach
Ivonne Valentin, Director of Operations 402-280-5779
Sebastian Furness, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Softball   Return To Top
Brent Vigness, Head Coach 402-280-2949
Jami Penner, Assistant Coach 402-280-5806
Renae Sinkler, Assistant Coach 402-280-3286
(M) Tennis   Return To Top
Tom Lilly, Head Coach 402-280-2490
(W) Tennis   Return To Top
Tom Lilly, Head Coach 402-280-2490
Jean Lilly, Assistant Coach
(W) Volleyball   Return To Top
Kirsten Bernthal Booth, Head Coach 402-280-5794
Tom Mendoza, Associate Head Coach 402-660-5824
Angie Oxley Behrens, Assistant Coach 402-280-5812
Kyle South, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Michaela Stuhr, Director of Operations
Academic Services   Return To Top
Steve Brace, Director 402-280-2484
Lisa Chipps, Academic Coordinator 402-280-5832
Jim Dorsey, Assistant Academic Coordinator
Athletic Business   Return To Top
Chris Schroeder, Business Manager 402-280-2125
Athletic Development   Return To Top
Adrian Dowell, Director 402-280-3498
Caitlin Nicoletto, Associate Director of Development 402-280-1216
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Ben McNair, Head Athletic Trainer 402-280-1793
Deb Belik, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Sean Mohatt, Assistant Athletic Trainer 402-280-5563
Curtis Self, Assistant Athletic Trainer 402-280-5554
Kelli Florio, Intern
Megan Hoeft, Intern
Martha Miller, Graduate Assistant
Compliance   Return To Top
Brandy Menaugh, Director 402-280-3008
Diversity & Inclusion   Return To Top
Len Gordy, Diversity & Inclusion Officer 402-280-5784
Facilities   Return To Top
Brandon McCarville, Manager 402-280-1869
J.J. Borecky, Assistant Manager 402-280-1869
JAYS Dancers   Return To Top
Alynne Wize, Coordinator 402-280-3788
Marketing, Sales & Promotions   Return To Top
Joe Willman, Director of Marketing 402-280-2984
Tim Callahan, Director of Sales 402-280-2720
Tracy Whitfield, Director of Promotions, Assistant Director of Marketing 402-280-2984
Chris Newhouse, Assistant Director of Marketing - Multimedia & Design 402-280-5536
Rachel Schultz, Assistant Director of Marketing, Sales & Events
Nutrition   Return To Top
Jill Koegel, Team Dietitian 402-350-8664
Sports Information   Return To Top
Rob Anderson, Sports Information Director (VB, MBB, XC, Golf) 402-280-5544
Glen Sisk, Assistant Director (Baseball, Rowing, WBB & WSOC) 402-280-2433
Jeremy Strachan, Assistant Director (MSOC, Softball, Tennis) 402-280-5801
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Dan Bailey, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 402-280-4746
Brad Schmidt, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 402-280-4746
Emily Skeen, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 402-280-4746
Bryan Hoie, Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 402-280-4746
Ticketing   Return To Top
Brad Abramson, Director of Ticket Sales Operations 402-280-5297
Mike Murakami, Associate Director of Ticket Sales Operations 402-280-5297
Justin Pessetto, Assistant Director of Ticket Sales Operations 402-280-5297
Riley Norman, Ticketing Intern 402-280-5297

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